Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

The short answer is NO. However, in any business that has a recruiting aspect, it is important to understand what a pyramid scheme is so you can scrutinize the business against that standard. In a pyramid scheme, there is no benefit to new recruits other than the potential of earning money by recruiting others. Because of this, the new recruit always loses out. In STRATUS, there are many benefits to every new recruit.
1) Every Stratus Associate enjoys great savings on every product and service at (i.e. 52% of the profit).
2) Every Associate gets a fully functional e-commerce business where they can earn from sales without recruiting a single person.
3) Every Associate gains access to invaluable training.

What is unique about the Stratus e-commerce model?

There are many E-commerce websites or online stores. However, Stratus is unique for a number of reasons. The most significant distinction is that Stratus is a not-for-profit corporation, so instead of millions of dollars going to corporate executives and owners, 100% of profits are passed to the Associates working to save money or make an extra income through the system.

What sets Stratus apart from multi-level (MLM) "opportunities"?

1) Most MLM businesses offer overpriced products. These hyper-inflated prices are necessary to pay their multi-level commissions, but they leave new recruits paying the bill for the success of their “upline”. STRATUS prices are in line with typical retail pricing, so generating sales is more realistic, and even the newest Stratus Associate gets a good deal on their personal purchases.

2) Many MLM businesses have a very limited product selection and require monthly purchasing whether or not a person has run out of their previous supply. This kind of “forced customer loyalty” is an unusual business practice. STRATUS has a growing product selection with hundreds of great products that people already want or use on a regular basis. While monthly purchasing isn’t required to earn with Stratus, there are plenty of options to choose from, and why not buy them from your own store?

) MLM compensation structures guarantee that only a few people at the top of the organization will profit. Because of the high price of products, gaining retail sales is difficult. STRATUS compensation allows people to get into profit much quicker, and for those who want to sell, gaining retail sales is much more realistic when you can help your customers save money on their purchases.